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Protein Rich, Saturating, Natural & Delicious!

Our products have real energy and taste good. We only use high-quality protein, which your body can use directly for the building, the preservation and the regeneration of your muscles, as well as a long lasting saturation. The valuable carbohydrates of the products supply fresh and long-lasting energy in a direct way. Whether gluten-free or not, you always save on fat, sugar and preservatives. The perfect blend for your personal goals!

Get to know our products
Protein-rich and soya-free

The tasty and meatless protein source.

Calorie-reduced saturation

Spare the calories not the taste.

Balanced nutrition

Low fat or high fiber possible.

Gluten-free and tasty

Absolute world novelty! Gluten-free, protein-rich and of course delicious.

Naturally healthy and delicious

No artificial additives, flavour enhancers, preservatives or baking stabilizers.

Pure energy and taste

100% taste meets high quality and ttifying protein energy.

Rich in protein & satiating

Start the day vigorously with a protein-rich sandwich, enjoy the delicious toast bread gluten-free toast with lunchtime salad and the world's first gluten-free and protein-rich pretzel breadsticks with evening grillevent.

For the first time, the protein-rich and low-fat fillers combine the advantages of increased protein intake with the mild taste of high-quality baked goods. Your body and your health will thank you for it. Your palate too.

✔ Healthy through High Protein - How it works

Fit and older people, who are often no longer able to utilize protein so well, benefit in particular from an increased protein intake. In general, however, protein is an essential part of the diet and is unfortunately often neglected.

Muscle cells consist of protein, or more precisely of the amino acids contained in the protein. In order to build, maintain or regenerate muscles, for example after exercise, the body needs protein in the form of amino acids.

Some of these can be produced by the organism itself, others, the so-called essential amino acids, must be supplied through food.

✔ What does the body need?

Preliminary scientific recommendations on protein intake:

Grunds>rel;tzlich >0.8 g protein per kilogram body weight
Ägere people > 1.0-1.3 g protein per kilogram body weight
Fitness and strength athletes Extenders  1.0-1.8 g protein per kilogram Körpergewicht
Advanced >2.1 – 2.3 g protein per kilogram Körpergewicht
competition preparation Weight training    2,3 – 3,1 g protein per kilogram fat-free Körpermasse

✔ Taste meets sport

Our protein-rich products products provide a lot of high-quality protein and provide you with the eight essential amino acids. In combination with the short-chain carbohydrates, the amino acids enter the blood particularly quickly and are immediately usable by the body.

Our high-quality protein also causes a faster muscle regeneration and is therefore recommended in connection with any sports activity. In addition, the calorie-reduced products are satiating – üconvince yourself of our delicious varieties and enjoy your personal BenFit time.

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You can order our current High-Protein products, partly gluten-free, anytime  in our shop.

In the near future more tasty and healthy products will follow.
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All varieties will soon be available around the corner from grocery stores. Further information will follow.