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Your body is all you have. If you challenge it through exercise, diet, or if you are experiencing periods of intense physical and mental strain, it needs your special attention. Nourish it well and give it attention. BenFit-Nutrition supports you with tasty, high-quality, satisfying, healthy and innovative food.

Passion meets good food
We combine the love of sport and the achievement of physical goals with a delicious balanced diet. Our vision is to develop tasty, healthy and innovative food for everyone who wants to do something for health, sustainable nutrition, building or regenerating their muscles.

Who we are
The founder of BenFit Nutrition is Benjamin Jakob (Ben). From football to basketball to athletics, he is at home in various sports and has been an enthusiastic sports fan for years. His enthusiasm for fitness and nutrition began in 2006 when he discovered the fun of fitness sports. The goal at that time was to build muscles and gain weight. Because with a height of 1.86 he weighed only 65 kilos. Today you can proudly say that he reached his goal with 90 kilos. In particular, a balanced and healthy diet played a decisive role.

Meanwhile our startup consists of 4 good-looking people plus Malte. For you Malte, Kati, Ifra, Waldi and Ben are working every day to make the dream of healthier super food come true. As a team, we love to develop new, innovative, healthy products and recipes for our community and everyone else who is interested.

Success factor nutrition
Anyone who is intensively involved with the topic of fitness or balanced nutrition will quickly see that personal goals cannot be achieved through regular training or trend diets alone. For all goals it is very important to deal with the topic of nutrition.

Which nutrients does my body need, e.g. for muscle building and maintenance?
How many calories should I consume and in what way in order to achieve my weight loss goals?
Which foods are best suited to provide these nutrients?
How do you combine the individual ingredients in such a way that the result is not only a goal-oriented but also delicious meal?
From hobby chef to nutritionist with a large Instagram Community
For our founder too, this insight was personally the path to success. In order to find the right answers to the known problems, he completed training as a state-approved nutritionist parallel to his Master in Finance. At the same time, the home kitchen was converted into a private cooking studio. At some point, he no longer wanted to share the many great creations that were created there with friends alone. That's why the Instagram profile "BenFit" was launched in 2016 with delicious, nutritious high carb low fat recipes for active, health-conscious people who enjoy sports. In the meantime, an incredibly great community with > 50,000 followers and a weekly reach of > 500,000 people has been created.

The hour of birth of BenFit Nutrition
The huge social media interest and feedback from supermarket chains led to the next logical step, the development of own products and the foundation of BenFit Nutrition. Our products not only provide the body with important nutrients, they also taste great and revolutionize the bakery market.

Our successful high-protein white bread will soon be available again in an improved version
Our brand new gluten-free protein products are finally here
Further innovations will follow and taste and saturation will always be the focus - be curious, because baked goods are just the beginning!

Bon appetit and good luck with your personal goals!

Your BenFit Team