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Here you can get some facts about our products and our company.

White Bread Revolution

Why white bread revolution? White bread does not satiate? White bread is not healthy? That was yesterday! Our high-protein products satiate and rewrite the white bread law.

Natural products

We deliberately use no added sugar or preservatives, no flavour enhancers and also no baking stabilizers. Our products are and will remain natural.

Environmental footprint

We scrutinize all activities of our company for the sake of the environment and optimize them. All deliveries are climate neutral. 

For the sake of nutrition
Our motivation? The development of our own natural products that taste good and provide the body with essential nutrients at the same time. high protein Our products all carry the label "High Protein", "vegetarian" and "soya free". We only use high-quality whey protein from sustainable animal husbandry.

Vegetarian and low-fat

Are you looking for a vegetarian and low-fat high-protein meal? No problem with our products. Almost all products are guaranteed to contain less than 3 g of fat per 100 g and some are gluten-free or high in fiber.