Important for us

Product facts and more about BenFit.

White bread-Revolution

Why white bread-revolution?White breat is not saturating?White bread is not healthy? Not anymore!
Our High Protein Products are saturating, tasty and bring value into the bread world.

High Protein

Our Products are all „High Protein“, ,,vegetarian“ and „soya free“.
We only use high quality grass fed whey protein..

Natural Products

We are not using any artificial additives or preservatives and do not add sugar. Our Products are as natural as possible.

For the environment

We keep an eye our environmental footprint with all activities and optimize our value chain to be more environmental friendly.

For healthy nutrition

Our passion? The development of our own natural products with great taste and high biological value.

vegetarian and low fat

You are looking for vegetarian and low fat procuts? No problem with BenFit.  Almost all products are below 3 g fat per 100 g and are gluten free or high on fiber.