7 packages protein wholemeal rolls (gluten-free)

22,85€ / kg
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Wholemeal roll

Now it's getting crunchy!

Treat yourself to our gluten-free whole grain rolls! Grainy bite and strong taste bring variety to your breakfast table and make your conscious diet a breeze. Crunch them up in the oven until golden brown, add a delicious topping, and you've got your perfect alternative to conventional rolls.

Why whole grains?

Whole grain products are important sources of fiber and keep you full longer. They regulate intestinal activity, promote digestion and contain many important B vitamins and minerals.

All the bread facts about our seed roll:

7 packs of High Protein Buns Seeds with 2 * 75 g per pack.

24 g protein per pack and 16 g per 100 g

low fat, sugar and calorie reduced

85% more protein than conventional gluten-free products

90% less fat and 30% fewer calories than conventional protein breads

vegetarian and gluten-free

shelf life 1 1/2 - 3 months, frozen shelf life up to 6 months

when opened, ideally store in the refrigerator

absolute world novelty

price advantage compared to single product

Nährwerttabelle pro 100g

 Brennwert 972kJ 231kcal
Fett 3,8 g
davon ges. Fettsäuren 0,5 g
Kohlenhydrate 29,9 g
davon Zucker 1,2 g
Ballaststoffe 7,0 g
Eiweiß 15,7 g
Salz 1,3 g


Wasser,glutenfreie Weizenstärke,Molkeprotein, Hefe,Invertzuckersirup (Zucker, Wasser), Leinsamenmehl, Süßlupinenmehl, Leinsaat(1%), Sonnenblumenkerne (1%), Buchweizen(1%), fermentierte Maisstärke, Salz, Verdickungsmittel: Guarkernmehl, Flohsamenschalen, Dextrose, Zucker, Emulgator: Sonnenblumenlecithine. Mit Natursauerteig gebacken.


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