BenFit Day Special Bundle
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    BenFit Day Special Bundle

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      Our BenFit Day Special Bundle simply has everything up its sleeve that the nutrition-conscious gourmet heart desires! Whether sweet or savory, meal or snack, bread, pasta or chocolate - everyone will definitely find something here!

      And the best thing about the bundle? Finally, there are enough products for the whole family (or just for you?!) in one bundle! Plus, you get our limited edition premium protein shaker on top!

      This is what's in the BenFit Day Special Bundle:

      • 1x BenFit Premium Protein Shaker
      • 2x High Protein Burger Bun
      • 2x High Protein Bagel Sesame
      • 1x High Protein Country Bread Seeds
      • 2x Protein Flips Paprika

      • 2x Protein Flips Onion
      • 1x Tortilla Style Chips BBQ
      • 1x Tortilla Style Chips Vegan Cheese
      • 1x Tortilla Style Chips Italian Spices
      • 1x Salsa Dip mild
      • 1x Salsa Dip hot

      • 1x High Protein Baguette Nature
      • 1x High Protein Baguette seeds
      • 1x High Protein Pretzel Baguette
      • 1x Protein Cream Hazelnut
      • 1x Protein Cream Pistachio

      • 1x Protein Low Carb Pasta Penne
      • 1x Protein Low Carb Pasta Fusilli
      • 1x Protein Low Carb Croissant Nature
      • 1x Protein Low Carb Croissant Seeds
      • 1x Protein Low Carb Chocolate Croissant

      • 2x High Protein Wrap
      • 2x Protein Chocolate Crisp