What is the BenFit Challenge and how can I participate?

Our BenFit Challenge is a 28-day campaign during which you can learn healthy habits simply by participating. Every day we offer you challenges in the areas of nutrition, fitness and mindfulness. So you can choose in which area you want to acquire new habits, or you can tackle several directly - as you like and manage. Of course, in addition to new and healthy habits, you can also win prizes!

If you want to participate, register here until 21.05.2023. This will automatically put you in the prize lottery pot and give you access to LIVE Challenges (more on that later). It's best to register now, because the number of places is limited!

If you still want to participate at a later date, you can of course take part in the challenges, as we will publish them daily on Instagram and TikTok. Only the participation in LIVE Challenges and the prize draw is then unfortunately no longer possible. But with the new habits, you'll still win!

A challenge is considered completed when you post a short story about it and tag BenFit on it. This is important so that we can track who is active until the end! This is the only way we can draw the prizes fairly.

How do I benefit from participating?

  • We will raffle off two annual subscriptions worth a total of 840€ as well as several vouchers worth a total of 550 € among all participants.€

  • You will receive exclusive and free access to participate in courses of @lamibelle_training as well as access to the video library worth 79€ *

  • Follow exciting LIVE podcasts about nutrition (and whatever else comes up :D) - here you can actively participate and ask questions

  • We provide you with exclusive meditations to participate in and download from zeit.in.achtsamkeit

  • As an additional add-on you can save 20% in our store during the whole challenge period.

  • You learn new habits for a healthier lifestyle that you can easily integrate into your everyday life

  • You become a part of the BenFit community! Changes are often easier when you are not alone, because a group strengthens motivation and can support each other.

*only for registered participants and only up to and including 11.06.2023

What do the challenges look like?

The challenges come from the areas of healthy eating and mindfulness. You can focus on one of the areas or tackle multiple areas by either switching from day to day or completing multiple challenges per day.

At least one of the daily challenges can be done with little time and preparation. The LIVE Challenges take place at fixed times and can last between 30-60 minutes.

minutes. If it is not possible for you to participate at these times, you can also bring forward or catch up on the challenges through the video library of lamibelle_Training or follow through with your own sports program. The LIVE podcasts and meditations will also be available for you to access or download after the recording.

Every Friday we will post a weekly preview showing you which challenges will take place. You will also get hints if you need something specific (e.g. shopping list). In addition to the weekly preview, you'll receive a daily reminder on Instagram and TikTok about our story, as well as background info, examples, and suggestions for each day's challenge.


- Start: 05/15/2023

- Registration up to and including 05/21/2023 (Later start of participation possible).

- 28-Day-Challenge for more healthy habits in your everyday life

- You get access to exclusive LIVE-Challenges

- Prize drawing with a total value of 1390€

- Post your completed challenges in your story and tag BenFit for a chance to win a grand prize by the end!