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We deliberately use no added sugar, no preservatives, no flavour enhancers and no baking stabilisers. Our products are and will remain natural.
Enjoy gluten-free
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Protein-rich nutrition
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Our High Protein Products
Rich in protein, satiating, natural & delicious!
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Rich in protein, satiating, natural & delicious!

The bread revolution starts here #white bread revolution

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best selfie bread ever.

Kathrin Influenza

My bicep grew thanks BenFit!

Pumping Ernie
BenFit Recipes

You want to try BenFit but don't know exactly how to prepare it?

Why white bread-revolution?White breat is not saturating?White bread is not healthy? Not anymore!
Our High Protein Products are saturating, tasty and bring value into the bread world.

gluten free products
Absolute world novelty! Gluten-free, protein-rich and naturally delicious

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