Sweet Bagel in 2 Varianten

Sweet bagel in 2 variants

Bagels with sweet toppings - for all gourmets!

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Sweet Bagels Time 2

Sweet & inseparable

Preparation time
Serving Size
15 minutes 2


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High protein bagels with irresistibly sweet toppings.

Shopping list Nutritional values

Bagel 1:

  • 1 BenFit High Protein Poppy Seed Bagel
  • 20g peanut butter
  • 1/3 banana
  • 10g honey
  • Flaxseed & Pumpkin Seeds

Bagel 2:

  • 1 BenFit High Protein Poppy Seed Bagel
  • 20g peanut butter
  • 50g raspberries & blueberries
  • 10g honey
  • Coconut flakes
  • Bagel 1: 352 kcal, 35g KH, 19g EW, 15g F

  • Bagel 2: 320 Kcal, 32g KH, 18g EW, 13g F

Bake bagel and then slice. Spread with peanut butter and top with banana or berries, depending on the variation. Spread honey, flax seeds and pumpkin seeds or coconut flakes over the bagel.


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Our recommendation

BenFit High Protein Bagel Poppy Seed (gluten-free)

Be it with sesame, natural, wholemeal or poppy seeds - you can always eat our bagels. And especially: In sweet variations for our Sweet Tooths!