Your body is all you have. Pay attention to it.

The founder of BenFit Nutrition is me, Benjamin Jakob (Ben). My fitness and nutrition enthusiasm started in 2006 when I discovered the fun of fitness sports. In 2018, I founded BenFit out of a vision to develop healthier foods with special nutritional values and ingredients, as well as make them available to everyone.


By now, our company consists of more than 10 people and for you we work every day to make the dream of healthier superfoods come true. As a team, we love to develop new, innovative, healthy products and recipes every day for our community and everyone interested.


Anyone who is intensively involved in the topic of fitness or balanced nutrition quickly sees that personal goals cannot be achieved through regular training or trend diets alone. For all goals it is very important to deal with the topic of nutrition:

  • Which nutrients does my body need, e.g. for muscle building and maintenance?
  • How many calories should I consume to achieve my weight loss goals?
  • Which foods are the best way to supply these nutrients?
  • How do you combine the individual ingredients so that the end result is not only a goal-oriented dish, but also a delicious one?


As a food start-up, we have made it our goal to optimize conventional foods and thus revolutionize the baked goods market. We are the first company in the world to produce high-protein baked goods made from high-quality and sustainable protein, with reduced calories and no added sugar.

Our vision is to provide everyone with conscious and innovative alternatives to white bread, pasta and snacking products. Therefore, we offer our customers high-protein, low-calorie and low-fat, low-carbohydrate as well as partially gluten-free and even vegan products - without having to give up good taste! As one of the fastest growing start-ups in 2020, we follow important trends, which is why our range covers all facets of conscious nutrition. In addition to the gluten-free range we started with, our customers can now find an extensive low carb line, vegan products and an organic line.


For our founder, too, this realization was personally the path to success. In order to find the right answers to the known problems, he completed training as a state-certified nutritionist in parallel to his master's degree in finance. At the same time, the kitchen at home was converted into a private cooking studio.

At some point, he didn't want to just share the many great creations that came out of it with friends. That's why he started the Instagram profile "BenFit" in 2016 with delicious, nutrient-rich high carb-low fat recipes for athletically active and health-conscious people. In the meantime, an insanely great community with > 50,000 followers and a weekly reach of > 500,000 people has emerged.


The huge social media interest and feedback from supermarket chains led to the next logical step, developing our own products and founding BenFit Nutrition. Our products not only provide the body with important nutrients, they also taste great and revolutionize the baked goods market.


Address: Collenbachstraße 39, 40476 Düsseldorf, Germany
E-mail: support@benfit-nutrition.com