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About BenFit

Your body is all you have. Pay attention to it!

What drives & moves us

There are still many myths and misinformation surrounding the topic of a balanced diet that drive us to get the best out of ourselves on a daily basis:

Lack of knowledge

Many people still don't know what a balanced diet is and how you can achieve your physical goals with your daily diet!

Lack of time

Our everyday lives are often so busy due to various commitments that there is hardly any time or motivation left at the end of the day for a balanced, nutritious diet. Or so we think!

Unnecessary supplements

Unfortunately, too many people still resort unnecessarily to dietary supplements or artificial substitutes. In most cases, this is not necessary and wastes money unnecessarily!

Lack of inspiration

Everyone probably knows it themselves. It often boils down to the same dishes that you always prepare. But in the long run, these become too boring and you want to add some variety to your meals.

What we want to achieve

Our aim is to show new and innovative ways of healthy eating and to educate people about the contents of a balanced lifestyle. We achieve this by giving everyone access to innovative staple foods with real added value and making them as simple as possible. All this is done without a guilty conscience, without sacrificing the taste you are used to or a beloved product!

Who we are

Benjamin Jakob - Founder

Driven by his own enthusiasm for fitness and nutrition, Ben started an Instagram profile to showcase delicious, nutritious high carb, low fat recipes. Due to the lack of alternatives, the idea was born to develop and produce his own, better products than those available on the market.

Parallel to his Master's degree in Finance, Ben completed training to become a state-approved nutritionist.

Passion for health-conscious living

The BenFit story

Own enthusiasm for fitness & nutrition

Ben discovers the fun of fitness sports for you and develops a passionate enthusiasm for nutrition!

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