Breakfast Bagel

Breakfast Bagel

Bagel with boiled egg, mozzarella and other condiments!

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Breakfast Bagel

Typical breakfast - now also conscious!

Preparation time
Serving Size
15 minutes 1


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Shopping list Nutritional values

  • BenFit High Protein Whole Grain Bagel
  • 2 tablespoons fresh cheese light
  • 2 boiled eggs
  • 30g Mini Mozzarella light
  • parsley, spices of your choice

  • 371 kcal
  • 27g KH
  • 32g EW
  • 15g F

Boil the eggs, chop the parsley. Then mix the cream cheese with the eggs and parsley. Bake the bagel in the oven and then slice it. Finally, spread with the cream cheese-egg mixture and season to taste.


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Our recommendation

BenFit High Protein Whole Grain Bagel (gluten-free)

Be it with sesame, natural, wholemeal or poppy seeds - you can always eat our bagels. And especially: In sweet variations for our Sweet Tooths!