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7 Packungen BenFit High Protein Vollkorn Brötchen – glutenfrei, kalorienarm, fettreduziert
7 Packungen BenFit High Protein Vollkorn Brötchen – glutenfrei, kalorienarm, fettreduziert
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    7 packs of protein wholemeal rolls (gluten-free)

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      All brotal facts about our seed roll:

      • 7 packs of high protein roll seeds with 2 * 75 g per pack
      • 24g protein per pack and 16g per 100g
      • reduced in fat, sugar and calories
      • 85% more protein than conventional gluten-free products
      • 90% less fat and 30% fewer calories than conventional protein bread
      • vegetarian and gluten-free
      • Shelf life 1 1/2 - 3 months, frozen up to 6 months
      • ideally store opened in the refrigerator
      • Price advantage compared to the individual product

      Now it's getting tough!

      Treat yourself to our gluten-free wholemeal rolls! The grainy bite and strong taste bring variety to your breakfast table and make your conscious diet child's play. Quickly crisp up in the oven until golden brown, top with delicious toppings and you have your perfect alternative to conventional rolls.

      Why whole grain?

      Whole grain products are important sources of fiber and keep you full for longer. They regulate intestinal activity, promote digestion and contain many important B vitamins and minerals.  

      Nutritional values ​​of protein wholemeal rolls (gluten-free) per 100g

      calorific value 972kJ / 231kcal
      Fat 3.8g
      of which total fatty acids 0.5g
      Carbohydrates 29.9g
      of which sugar 1.2g
      Fiber 7.0g
      Protein 15.7g
      Salt 1.3g


      Water, gluten-free wheat starch, whey protein, yeast, invert sugar syrup (sugar, water), linseed flour, sweet lupine flour, linseed (1%), sunflower seeds (1%), buckwheat (1%), fermented corn starch, salt, thickener: guar gum, Psyllium husks, dextrose, sugar, emulsifier: sunflower lecithins. Baked with natural sourdough.