Frischkäse Feigen Brot

Cream cheese fig bread

Country bread with cream cheese and figs

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Cream cheese fig bread

Unique taste!

Preparation time
Serving Size
10 minutes 1


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Shopping list Nutritional values

  • 30g BenFit High Protein country bread
  • 50g cream cheese light
  • ½ fig
  • 10g honey

  • 150 kcal
  • 22g KH
  • 10g EW
  • 2g F

Bake the country bread in the oven. Cut a slice from the loaf and spread with the cream cheese....

Slice the fig and place on top of the cream cheese. Finally, top with honey.


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Our recommendation

BenFit High Protein Country Bread natural - gluten free

Our country bread is just as unique as this taste - and even better! It's soft on the inside and has a crispy good crust on the outside! Give it a try and enjoy!